The Dream home(stead)

On this page a birds eye overview of all the seeds that I am planting in order to grow and harvest my dream live.

This post is a work in progress and will get more detailed and revised over time.

What is my dream

I want to live and do my business on a piece of land, minimum 2000 m2 but preferably much larger, where I have built a house / homestead / modern microfarm that has a negative ecological footprint and produces a surplus of energy, food and other resources to support the local economy. By sharing what I learn along the way I want to accelerate the transition to a society that is harmless to nature and people.

Below just a quick list of what I am thinking about. With time I will go into details

  • land
    • minimal 2000 m2
    • south facing
    • max 30 minutes drive from Gijon and Oviedo
  • house
    • hybrid design combining passive house with earhtship and homestead elements.
    • on the grid, providing renewable electricity to the grid
    • own energy storage making use of several systems
      • battery
      • (geo)thermal energy
      • pumped hydro
      • compressed air
  • farm
    • greenhouse with geothermal storage
      • aquaponics
        • multiple fish species
          • edible e.g. tilapia, catfish, trout
          • ornamental e.g. koy
        • multiple crops
          • DWC
          • zipgrow
          • dutch bucket
    • organic farm (outdoor)
    • husbandry, small stuff e.g. chicken, ducks, rabbit
    • surpluses as result of circular / no waste design
      • bio gas
      • fertilizer & compost
  • Eco resources
    • bamboo
    • elephant grass
    • biodiversity
  • hospitality and gastronomy
    • B&B of several 2 person cabins
    • occasional, by reservation only, restaurant
    • small seasonal camping and mini festival
  • clean transportation e.g. electric car

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