Privacy Policy does it best to comply with all national and European legislation concerning privacy and data protection. Below you can read our privacy statement. If after reading this documents you have questions or comments, please contact us.

Personal data aims to protect all personal data that you provide. Personal data includes, but is not limited to, name(s), address details, date of birth and other information about yourself. All use of your personal data will be stored and dealt with confirm EU law.

Other than when a visitors contacts us via our our email address -info(at)peasunlimited(dot)org, or leaves a comment on one of our pages or blog posts, we do not request any personal information from visitors to our website. We also encourage you to never send us any personal data via email our contact form or other forms of communication. If we would ever decide to gather personal data, we will update our privacy statement and inform visitors to our website conformly.

Log Data makes use of Google Analytics. Everytime you visit the website, your browser sends Log Data that is being recorded by Google Analytics. This data can include information such as your IP (internet protocol) address, which browser and version you are using, the pages that you visit and the time of the duration of your visit per page as well as other statistical data. This data we use to analyse and improve the usage of the website. Your can read more about how Google Analytics tracks data here.


When you visit, small amounts of non-personal data known as ‘cookies’ are downloaded by your browser and saved on your computer. This information is used by your browser every time your revisit a website so it can remember user preferences such as site language. Also cookies are used by Google Analytics to gain insight into site usage and to improve the website. Know that you can always clear your cookies via the settings of your internet browser.

The main reason why uses cookies is to track traffic from our website to our affiliate partners. Everytime a visitor purchases a good or service from a partnered website that has arrived at that website via an affiliate link from (website name), we earn a small commision. Not that this does not affect the price of the service or good that is being purchased.

Security makes use of SSL connection to encrypt the link between the server and the client. Although we do our best to make use of the latest standards in browsing security, no one can ever guarantee 100% security, neither can

External links

On our website there are links to other 3rd party websites. (Website name) does not have any control over the content of other websites, nor their data management. When navigating to another website, it is the responsibility of the user be informed about the privacy and user policy of that website.


In case there are changes in this privacy policy the next time you visit, you will be notified. You can always contact us to request an overview of stored data or send us a request to remove data associated to you from our database.