Building with pallets

Peas unlimited building with pallets upcycled wood

This post is in progress. Stay tuned for updates.

I love the work with my hands and build things. In Malta I had a workshop under my house for 3 years. In that time I have build several small and big projects.

Below a quick overview and some pictures. Questions and/or comments? let me know below and I’ll be happy to tell more

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Living room wall furniture

This project has many many hours in it. Probably close to a 1000 over a period of 2 years time. We were living in a renting house at the time and the landlord didn’t want me to drill in the walls, so I designed a system that clamped itself between the floor and the ceiling. Once the main structure was build I had something to screw into. It was a completely organic build, so just a rough idea and it took shape by it self based on which materials I had available at the time. All wood used came from discarded pallets.

Plant boxes

I like growing stuff so I needed plant boxes. Big once quickly costs €50 and more so I decided to build my own


My brothers roof terrace was too hot most of the summer. So we decided to build some shade.


One day after a heavy storm we found a large amount of driftwoord. We used the wood to build our greenhouse and roof garden.

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