We are official re-seller of Solar World PV panels in Malta. SolarWorld has more than 40 years of technology expertise. Ongoing innovation and continuous optimization create the foundation for the performance of SolarWorld’s high quality modules. All production steps, from silicon to assembly and packaging, are established at SolarWorld production sites, ensuring the highest quality for our customers every step of the way. SolarWorld modules are extremely flexible when it comes to their application and provide optimal solutions for installation and non-stop performance world wide.

SolarWorld’s modules are resistant to all weather conditions, dust, sand and salt. Each module is fitted with patented drainage corner for optimized self-cleaning and an anti-reflecting coating for the best performance.

All modules come with a 20 year product warranty and 25 years performance guarantee.

Custom solutions for each situation

We can deliver solutions for commercial and domestic use and either on or off grid.

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